Varla To Launch All Terrain Electric Scooters In the Australia Market

varla fast electric scooter

We are expanding into the Australian market by the end quarter of December 2022.

Varla is all set to wind up 2022 and welcome the New Year on a splendid note this time. Pleased to announce that Varla to launch a brand new subsite for Australian electric scooter users this week. We are expanding into the Aussie market and our upcoming website is specially for our Australian customers.

varla dual motor electric scooter

Our upcoming subsite will be officially launched on December 22, 2022.

Although the dual motor electric scooter section is rather new for the Aussie market yet. Australians are increasingly taking to electric scooters for both long and short commutes. If we count the numbers, the Australian escooter market is may grow by 19.58%. It will reach a mighty volume of 87.37 million USD by the year 2027. In regard to the rate of user penetration, it’s around 7% this year and is predicted to scale up to 14% by, say, 2027.

At Varla, we have always been the champions of eco-friendly modes of transport. Both the USA and Europe are increasingly embracing all terrain electric scooters and it is great to find Australia joining the eco-friendly transport bandwagon. In fact, we find that the dual motor electric scooter market is only booming in Australia. There could not be a better time to bring our cutting-edge Varla long range electric scooters to the Australian market. We are confident, Australian customers are now looking for something more advanced in the electric scooter industry. Varla industry-leading electric scooters would fill the bill perfectly.

About Varla Electric Scooter

Designed and developed especially for the Australian market, our upcoming website will enable our Australian customers to enjoy a comfortable shopping experience anytime, and from anywhere in the country. Like our original website, our new site too will feature smooth navigation all across the platform. We have introduced all our dual motor electric scooters – Eagle One, Eagle One Pro, and Pegasus City Commuter- on the banner. We have also offered detailed information about each of them in separate product pages as well. From the motor to torque to battery to warranty, the product pages feature details about all these specifications and more. Our prospective Australian customers would be able to compare the different models. They can also find out the most compatible one, as per their specific needs.

The site will feature special discounts especially for Australian customers in the initial phase. We will be open for pre-orders as well. Much to the convenience of our Australian clients, our new subsite is compatible with all major kinds of payment solutions. Our Aussie buyers will be able to track their orders from the site.

The major USP of our fastest electric scooter is the state-of-the-art dual motor design. The mighty motor has been coupled with advanced dual shock-absorbing capacity to introduce world-class high-performing electric scooters for both domestic and international markets. We are going to introduce the same unparalleled electric scooters for our Australian store as well. At Varla, it has always been our mission to present the most optimum commuter scooter experience and it rings the same for our Australian sector as well. From sandy beaches to hilly regions, our electric scooters can be driven on all kinds of surface areas across the country.

varla commuter electric scooter

Additionally, we also sell accessories and our new subsite features a separate section for dual motor electric scooter accessories where you will get merchandise, replacement parts, gear, and more.

At Varla, we aim to support our customers with an informed and safe buying experience. The same goes for our Australian market and Australian customers. Our subsite features our blog as well offers a growing line of posts on various aspects related to our all terrain electric scooters, such as buying tips, the right riding position to avoid body pain, and more.

Our existing customers know how much we stress ensuring the best customer experience possible. We are bringing the same ethos to the Australian market as well. Our upcoming site will offer a convenient live chat option with our dedicated customer care executives so that our customers would always have someone to take care of their issues.

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