All Terrain Electric Scooter Suspension Guide for New Riders

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In many ways, an electric scooter with suspension differs from a standard electric scooter. The suspension mechanism supports the front and rear wheels of the motorized scooter, improving handling and making it safer to ride. Without it, the e-scooter would be less comfortable to ride and more likely to get damaged by bumps in the road or potholes. 

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The suspension makes riding more enjoyable, allowing you to relax instead of worrying about bumps and cracks in the pavement. You will find answers to questions on e-scooter here, whether you’re a potential buyer or already an owner. This article contains helpful information about off road electric scooter suspension, various suspension systems, and how it works.

Electric Scooter Suspension, What Are They?

The mechanism that gives an electric scooter for adults the right combination of road handling and rides quality is its suspension. The system on an e-scooter consists of several components that work together to ensure a smooth ride and maximum comfort. It helps keep you safe and comfortable, allowing smooth rides over rough terrains. Some manufacturers admit that getting the suspension right often requires lots of effort. One development in the Varla off road electric scooter’s designs is the electric scooter suspension.

How Does Electric Scooter Suspension Work?

Some scooters incorporate wheel suspension systems for more comfortable riding and reduced wheel shaking. Electric scooters for adults typically have hydraulic or spring suspensions. Although spring suspensions are more straightforward, they are effective on many models. The hydraulic suspension systems are more complicated and have hydraulic fluid-filled dampers found in most top-quality electric scooters for adults.

Although it can be challenging to comprehend, motorized scooter suspension is crucial for novice and experienced riders. The front and rear of your scooter each have a different type of motor. How a car’s powertrain enables it to go forward and absorb road imperfections is similar to how the dual motors work together to propel you forward.

Varla electric scooters for adults have dual motors and a suspension system that protects you from road bumps and other hazards. The wheel connects the suspension system’s air springs, hydraulic shocks, or rubber suspensions through a network of tubes and wires. Instead of bouncing up and down when you encounter a bump on the road, your scooter remains stable. Hence, this happens because the suspension absorbs specific impacts. It is crucial to know when riding an electric scooter since both wheels will bounce up and down simultaneously if one wheel hits a bump at a different angle than the other. 

Types of Suspension Systems for Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have diverse designs, and their suspension systems are also different. Because most urban roads are relatively flat, most entry level scooters for commuting don’t have suspension. However, most scooters above the middle level will have excellent suspension systems.

There are three main types of suspension systems on the market: 

Spring Suspension

As the name suggests, the spring serves as the primary element of an e-scooter suspension system. Expanding and contracting the spring as you travel over road bumps makes riding more comfortable. The rider’s center of gravity is thus maintained as steadily as possible. A suspension motorized scooter’s spring will rise and fall when you encounter a pothole to keep you stable and in balance. As much as feasible, this type of suspension maintains a stable center of gravity, which is why some riders favor it.

Hydraulic suspension

A hydraulic suspension system has a liquid-filled actuator. The liquid increases the actuator when the wheel encounters a bump on the road. The actuator will expand the liquid as you drive over potholes, eventually pushing the surrounding parts apart. As a result, there is less floor impact, and your ride is stable and comfortable. The Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrains electric scooter for adults has a dual hydraulic suspension, which is more responsive and quicker than other suspension systems. Hydraulic suspension is also known for its durability and dependability. You will be confident that your off road electric scooter’s hydraulic suspension system will provide you with a safe and comfortable ride for many years.

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Rubber Suspension

Rubber suspension is effective because it has natural support, and softness, making it ideal for shock absorption. It can also help to reduce road bumps. Another advantage of rubber is that it can store more energy per unit mass than other spring materials, allowing it to reduce the weight of an motorized scooter to some extent.

Rubber suspension also minimizes riding noise because of its insulating qualities. In high powered electric scooters, rubber suspension offers good stability and requires little maintenance. However, rubber suspension is not without its disadvantages. It is more expensive than other suspension systems and can be challenging to repair when damaged in an accident.

What Is the Best Suspension for Electric Scooters?

When you start riding an electric scooter, it can be challenging to figure out which suspension is best for you. Various factors go into choosing your suspension system, including the rider’s weight, riding style, and terrain. It would help if you considered whether you would ride on rough roads and terrain. If so, consider getting a spring suspension system. These shocks allow maximum customization of your ride height and help prevent accidents when riding over rugged terrain. 

Consider a spring shock when looking for a suspension system that is easy to install. These are great for riders who want something quick and straightforward, as you can install and remove them effortlessly. Spring shocks are durable because the moving parts aren’t subject to wear and tear from vibrations.

Off road fast electric scooters can have a variety of suspension systems. A model, for example, may have a spring suspension in the front and a hydraulic suspension in the rear. Furthermore, it can have an independent suspension technology, such as the Varla Eagle One. It has dual spring shock absorption and autonomous suspension technology to keep all tires in contact with the ground as much as possible to reduce impact when it passes bumpy roads. The Eagle One gives you a more comfortable riding experience for riders.

Knowing about electric scooters with suspension is essential; it’s time to look at which e-scooters have the best. Varla launched electric scooters in the Australia market! This should help you distinguish between different suspension scooters before purchasing one. However, pneumatic tires alone can only give you a smooth and safe ride with a suspension. Therefore, it’s better to know what you’re getting in advance.

With that, let’s look at the Varla commuter electric scooters with suspension.

  • Varla Eagle One

It’s unusual to find the perfect scooter with safety and efficiency in one. The Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter easily fits into the performance scooter club, with a black finish with red accents on the handlebars, stem, and suspension props, giving it an exquisite look. Capping off this electric scooter’s functionality and style is comfort and safety. The independent suspension gives it a sporty appearance when viewed from the side. It ensures a smooth ride on all terrains. This scooter is perfect for experienced users who want an adrenaline rush, comfort, style, and safety.

Varla dual motor electric scooter
  • Varla Eagle One Pro

The Varla Eagle One Pro all terrains electric scooter is one of the market’s most robust, high powered electric scooters. This top-choice electric scooter for adults comes with dual hydraulic suspension. The system has two high-quality shock absorbers that absorb the force of bumps in the road and provide a comfortable ride for people who use it. It provides a smooth ride and makes it easier for riders to travel. Riding a scooter with dual hydraulic suspension allows you to travel long distances without feeling tired.


Suspension systems on electric scooters are more straightforward than they seem. Learn about these features of an electric scooter, understand how they work together, and select a scooter that is right for you. Don’t forget to refer to your state electric scooter rules before riding. With Varla scooters, your ride will be more comfortable and fun.

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