Varla Eagle One P-Setting Instructions

Varla Eagle One

We have received many inquiries from Varla scooter riders about how to set the speed unit (kmh/mph), how to adjust the display brightness, how to reset mileage or the like. 

If you have the same question, you’re in the right place!

LCD display of Varla scooter

There are two buttons on the QS-S4 throttle: Power and Mode. How can the user complete a P-Setting with the 2 buttons without messing up? Read on and learn more!



1. Power on your scooter.
2. Hold the Mode and Power buttons (3 seconds) to access the P-setting menu.
3. Press the Power button to toggle through P-settings.
4. Press the Mode button to adjust the value.
5. After adjustment, short press the Power button to switch to the next feature and save the previous feature value.
6. To save settings, allow the LCD display to timeout (8 seconds) or long press Mode and Power buttons to exit the menu.

*Long press the Power button to change the direction of value addition and subtraction, the left display “A” means increasing the value, and the left display “d” means decreasing the value.

What do A and d mean?

Now you know how to use the display, let’s see the P-Setting menu, find the one you want to change!



P1LCD brightness1: low2: mid3: highDefault: 3
P2Speedometer units0: kph
1: mph
Default: 0
P3Battery voltage (do not adjust)From 24V to 72V
Default: 52V
P4Auto-off time0: not set
60: 60 min
Default: 5
P6Wheel diameter (do not adjust)Default: 10.0
P7Motor magnets (do not adjust)From 0 to 255Default: 28
P8Power level1: slowest
100: fastest
Default: 100 km/h
P9Start mode0: zero start
1: kick to start
Default: 0
P11Regenerative/Electronic brake strength0: off,1: weak
5: max
Default: 3
P12Acceleration0: off1: weak
5: strong
Default: 3
P15Automatic scooter voltage shut-down (do not adjust)From 37.0 to 47.0Default: 42.0
P16Lifetime odometer resetLong-press Mode button to reset to 0
P17Cruise control0: off
1: on
Default: 0
P20Communication protocol (cannot adjust)Default: 4



After a long period of riding, you may encounter something fault and see one of these codes. So what does the fault code mean? Let’s check the table below!

Fault CodeFeature
E 02Brake
E 046km/h cruise
E 06Battery under voltage
E 07Motor faulty
E 09Controller faulty
E 10Faulty comms between controller and LCD
E 11Faulty comms between controller and LCD
E 12BMS failure
E 13Headlight failure

If you can’t solve this problem, please contact our support team ASAP, directly email at, and attach fault code photos or video, and we will reply to you within 24 hours! If you could give us more details, we can help you solve this problem more quickly!

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