Replacement Parts

  • Pegasus’s Charger 2.0A

    $135.00 AUD

    Specs for Charger: 54.6V/2.0A
    Compatibility: Pegasus Scooter

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  • Scooter Front & Rear Fender

    $69.00 AUD

    The Eagle One scooter comes with a pair of fender.

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  • Varla LCD Display

    $70.00 AUD

    Type: Display & Trigger throttle
    One LCD display comes with the Eagle One scooter.

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  • Varla Scooter Inner Tube

    $60.00 AUD

    Specs: 10×2.5 Inches

    Including 2 pcs of the inner tube.

    It suits Varla Eagle One.

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  • Varla Scooter Key Ignition

    $49.00 AUD

    Locking key ignition with a voltmeter.
    Able to indicate vehicle error according to voltage.
    *Key is unique to each voltmeter.
    *One key ignition comes with the Eagle One scooter. You can buy it as a replacement.

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  • Zoom Hydraulic Brakes Kit

    $289.00 AUD

    Kit includes:
    Left & Right Handbrake Levers
    Front & Rear Brake Caliper + Pads + Brake Lines
    2 pairs Installation screws

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