Commuter Electric Scooter Safety Guide: Don’t Forget to Wear Your Helmet

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Electric scooters are generally safe for the rider and everyone on the road. But this doesn’t mean riders can neglect the basic safety measures. Time and again, we have seen several road accidents that have resulted in injuries. But electric scooterists could avoid if they had taken appropriate safety measures.

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The helmet makes it easy to prevent much damage and hurt when riding a commuter electric scooter, and this article aims to enlighten you more. There are specially made off road electric scooter accessories available for purchase, and others that come as accompanying gifts when you buy a Varla adult electric scooters. These are unbeatable deals that encourage safe rides for you.

Hundreds Fined In Australian State E-Scooter Crackdown

The Australian State has recently recorded many incidents caused by electric scooters. Therefore, the State has put preventive measures in place to manage this situation. There have been adjustments to traffic laws governing scootering and biking, and tighter standards have been regulating scooter usage. Only last November, almost eight hundred fines were issued by Queensland state authorities to traffic law offenders. It was high time because there had been a surging increase in riding incidents that riders could avoid if they obeyed the correct traffic laws. Australian State also recorded several hundreds of fines in the all terrain electric scooter crackdown.

Here are more details:

  • About 50 riders have been fined for wrongfully lifting passengers.
  • The speed limit remains 25 km/hr for bike paths and minor roads, and about 52 riders exceeded the approved speed limit.
  • Queensland authorities have increased the fine for flaunting speed limit laws to AUD 1,000.
  • Almost 400 riders have been caught riding without a helmet and fined.
  • Operating a mobile device while riding can attract a fine of up to AUD 1,078.

Regulations and Traffic Laws In Your City

It would not be ideal to assume that the electric scooter traffic laws that govern city A are the same for city B. While the rules might not differ significantly, some minor differences could get you in trouble with the authorities if you defy them. As technology advances and people become more aware and knowledgeable about certain things, the city’s traffic laws are bound to change. It would be best to be up-to-date on the traffic laws of the city as you prepare to go scooting in your town. If you are very mobile, i.e., you move about very often. It can be very confusing and strenuous to know the rules of the different cities by heart. Nonetheless, you must do your best to understand the basics, like the recommended speed limit, helmet use, bike lanes, etc.

You might be surprised to learn that certain states may have limited electric scooters. If you weren’t aware of this and went for a ride in such a city, it might escalate quickly. Ensure you check the state laws of any city you would be riding in. Thankfully, most of these laws have documentation available for everyone online. So a quick check before your ride can save you stress and some exorbitant amount you would have paid as fines.

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Winter Safe Tips For Commuter Electric Scooter Riding

Riding in the winter can be more tasking and strenuous than a casual summer ride. There are specific tips you have to that cognizance of so that you would have the best experience possible.

No Helmet, No Ride: 

It helps always to aim for safety as your driving force if you go for a ride. The aftermath of many accidents on the main road could have been less if the user wore a helmet during the ride. As much as you want to have fun on your ride, you cannot afford to neglect the use of a safety scooter helmet. When you order a Varla all terrain electric scooter between the 21st and the 28th of this month, you will get a high-quality helmet valued at AUD$99 for free. This offer is our way of ensuring safety for all while riding, so you want to take advantage of this offer.

Eyes On The Road: 

Studies show that distraction is the leading cause of road accidents. As much as your brain can multitask, it would be unwise to ride with divided attention. This is why we often keep our mobile phones away during electric scooter rides to give a hundred percent attention to the road. A lot can happen in a split second. Victims of road accidents have testified that they took their eyes off the road for one second, and the next thing they saw was a blackout. Avoid distractions at all costs. Even if you have to say hi to someone on the road, stop your ride and park safely before proceeding.

Hands-On the Handlebar:

During winter, the streets are usually wet and muddy, and the chances that you would encounter twigs and thorns on the road are high. It would help if you had all the balance and grip you could get in this situation. Winter is not the season to try out some riding stunts you learned or to put one hand in your pocket as you ride. The handlebars were built a certain way for a reason; you must place both hands on them during scooter riding. This posture will give you a good balance and a firmer grip on the road.

Dress the Part: 

Your clothing can significantly impact how you ride and the likelihood of arriving at your destination. When scooting on a cold winter morning, you want to ensure you are in the appropriate kitted in the thickest and coziest winter jacket you can find. Some cyclists go as far as putting on several layers of clothing to wade off the cold. There are also thermal gloves and head warmers that can come in handy. If you are uncomfortable while riding, you will be distracted. It could impact the way you ride and cause a significant incident. Therefore dress comfortably for every ride.

Turn the Lights On:

Winter is associated with low temperatures, fog, and early sunsets. You could start on a bright and early ride, but it can get dark by the time you are heading home. What would help in this situation is if you have functioning headlights and taillights. With the tap of a button on the handlebar, the light comes on and gives you the needed visibility. Another good thing is that these lights would alert other road users of your presence and avoid any collision. You must ensure your lights are functioning when carrying out your routine checks.

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Choose The Right Electric Scooter For You

Choosing the right scooter depends on your needs and the time of the year you ride the most. It also depends on the terrain or roads you explore with your escooter. 

If you live on the hilly side of the country, you would need the Varla Eagle One. Another option for regular commuters is the Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter with 45 Km per charge on the 15.6Ah 48V Lithium-ion Battery. These adult electric scooters are explicitly made rugged to thrive in tough conditions.


Life and health are invaluable; it would be wrong to jeopardize this for one silly, careless ride. Helmets have proven to be very protective against serious head injuries, which could lead to permanent physical disabilities. Never ride without a helmet if you do not have one. Take advantage of the deals at Varla all terrain electric scooter in Australia marketing, and you could get one free.

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